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Chris Evans Says There’s Another Avenger He Would Have Loved To Have Played (Except He Hates The Mask)

It’s been over a year since we saw Chris Evans’ maiden voyage with the MCU, with Avengers: Endgame giving Captain America a bittersweet farewell. But he’ll likely spend the rest of his life talking about his stint as Steve Rogers. In fact, his head’s still very much in Marvel mode, as he revealed in a new interview that there’s another major Avenger he would have to loved to have played.

“I love Captain America, but Spider-Man was my childhood hero. I would have loved doing scenes like attaching myself to the sides of buildings and trying to spring from one building to the next,” Evans told SCMP (as caught by

Alas, there’s one catch: “But I would have hated to wear Spider-Man’s mask. I’m very claustrophobic, and I doubt whether I could have worn that kind of full suit and mask for hours a day on a set. I much prefer my Captain America outfit, which I think is cooler anyway!”

Note, of course, that as Cap, Evans’ headgear was relegated to a helmet, which he eventually ditched entirely, allowing viewers to admire his excellent hair. And of course, Evans as Spidey would have had to happen in another life, as Peter Parker’s quite a bit younger than he is.

But it probably worked out in the end — for his second go as a comic book superhero, Evans got to revive and rework a character who’d previously been seen as a product of older, more jingoistic times, turning someone who was little more than a symbol of American might into one of the franchise’s deepest and most soulful characters. Still, an actor can dream.

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