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Kit Harington Has A Surprisingly Positive Outlook On How ‘Game Of Thrones’ Ended

Game Of Thrones‘ final season is still a point of contention, one year later, as HBO continues to develop a House Of Targaryen-focused prequel. The Thrones cast certainly didn’t shy away from offering their takes, with Kit Harington previously expressing disappointment that Arya was the one who killed the Night King since he wanted Jon Snow to take that trophy. However, The Eternals star seems like he’s found peace with where his character ultimately ended up, even if some viewers felt that Snow got the shaft by being sent into exile following Dany’s death and Bran taking the Iron Throne.

Granted, people may have felt sorry for Jon because of his perpetual grumpy face. Hey, it’s difficult to know how the guy felt! Even when he was in love, the dude seemed miserable. Yet Kit wants everyone to know that Jon’s fate was consistent with where he belongs. While speaking to Twitter user @purple_dwagon during a video chat,” Kit insisted that “Jon is always happiest” (although, again, it’s hard to tell when he’s experiencing palpable feelings) when he’s “north of the wall” because Tormund was correct when he said “You’re of the north.”

Harington maintained that he felt passionately on the subject and could continue arguing the point “for hours,” but he’s fairly certain that Jon would have been truly miserable sticking around in the south. Here’s why:

“He’s been saddled with this weight all the way through the series and he’s this heavy character – he’s literally got a cloak on and he’s heavy. And what I wanted with that last bit is for there to be this lightness about him. It’s all falling off, this terrible thing that he’s been through is all falling off as he goes north of the Wall.”

Sound reasonable? I think that Jon could have tried throwing off that massive cloak and heading out to sea with Arya, just to see if he was capable of happiness without being underneath a mountain of snow. Then again, Arya might have grown annoyed with his attitude and thrown him overboard. We’ll never know what could have been, but you can watch Kit dig back into Jon Snow’s psyche below.

(Via NME)