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Tekashi 69 And Nicki Minaj Drop An Alternate Version Of ‘Trollz’ Featuring A New Verse

Tekashi 69 was pretty upset when his comeback single, “Gooba,” didn’t manage to debut at the top of the charts. He even went as far as to accuse Billboard of manipulating their charts to prevent him from reaching No. 1, claims the publication denied. That’s all in the past now, so Tekashi is looking towards the future. He’s currently promoting his new Nicki Minaj collaboration “Trollz,” and he has done so today by dropping a new alternate version of the song.

Minaj shared the track and wrote, “The official #Trollz verse was version 11. This was version 1. Verse changes and beat changes… but now u guys get a glimpse of where my verse begins vs. how it ends up once my creative process is complete.”

The most obvious alterations to the song come in the second verse, which now starts with a couple lines from Tekashi before transitioning to Minaj. In the new (or rather, old) lyrics, Minaj addresses the coronavirus pandemic, saying, “Still the baddest b*tch, quarantine en mi casa / Talking all that sh*t, but you bitches ain’t saying caca.” This version of the song also features a lot of sexual lyrics not included in the originally released edition.

Listen to the alternate version of “Trollz” above.