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‘New Pokemon Snap’ Will Make Its Return On The Nintendo Switch

Fans of the Pokemon franchise got some good news on Wednesday morning during a “Pokemon Presents” livestream. In addition to a handful of other announcements — from updates within Pokemon Go to a toothbrushing app called Pokemon Smile — a remade version of a beloved old release was announced and put on display via a trailer.

New Pokemon Snap is slated to hit the Nintendo Switch sometime in the future. While the game was announced during “Pokemon Presents,” a release date is still unknown. What we do know is that the game appears slated to expand on the original game, which we learned thanks to the following video.

The original Pokemon Snap hit Nintendo 64s back in 1999, and while other releases in the series up until then placed an emphasis on collecting Pokemon and using them in battle against one another, this game sent players on a quest to take as many photographs of Pokemon as they possibly could. It stands to reason that a newer game could take advantage of technological advances and make it so players can explore a world instead of doing what the original game did — the main character, Todd Snap, moved along a straight path — but we’ll have to wait and see.

This was not the only new game that came from the event. A new puzzle game, Pokemon Cafe Mix, is now on the Switch and mobile devices.

And in a bit of fun news, more Pokemon information is on the way — “Pokemon Presents” will return in one week with another event on June 24.