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Will The Snyder Cut Explore The Tragic Past Of The DCEU’s Robin?

Even before HBO Max officially announced that it would “Release the Snyder Cut,” director Zack Snyder had been an open book when it comes to sharing his original vision for Justice League with fans, and he’s not showing signs of stopping anytime soon.

In a recent Q&A on Snyder’s preferred social media platform, Vero, he confirmed that the spray-painted Robin suit seen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice actually belonged to Dick Grayson and not Jason Todd as most fans believed. For non-comic book readers, Dick Grayson is the first Robin who eventually grew out of being Batman’s sidekick and went out on his own as the superhero Nightwing. Jason Todd became his replacement, but he experienced a tragic end after DC Comics let fans call a telephone number deciding if he should die at the Joker’s hands. To the shock of DC Comics editors, fans chose “Yes,” and Jason was murdered by the Joker in the classic Batman story A Death in the Family. (Although, he did come back to life in the early aughts because comic books.)

While replying to a fan’s question about whether he planned to explore Dick Grayson’s death, Snyder said there would’ve been a “hint” in his version of Justice League, but he didn’t elaborate on what the hint would be or whether it could show up in the upcoming Snyder Cut.

In a later question, however, Heroic Hollywood reports that Snyder had a streamlined plan for depicting Robin in the DC Extended Universe. In addition to eschewing comic book canon and making Dick Grayson the dead Robin, Snyder revealed that he planned to jump straight to Carrie Kelley in future films. Carrie Kelley is the female Robin featured in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns where she fights alongside an elderly Batman at the end of his career.

Would Snyder’s fast and loose portrayal of the Dark Knight’s sidekicks have gone over well with fans? We’ll never know, but it’ll be interesting to see if any of his Bat-family plans make an appearance when the Snyder Cut hits HBO Max in 2021.

(Via Heroic Hollywood)