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Cardi B Questions Conservatives For Comparing Her To Aunt Jemima

Cardi B continues to be a target of off-color criticisms from the peanut gallery, but she still refuses to take any of their insults. The latest questionable critique compared Cardi to the Aunt Jemima brand mascot after Quaker Oats, the brand’s parent company announced it would discontinue Aunt Jemima due to its offensive roots. As usual, Cardi clapped back, wondering why so many conservative commenters try to bring her down with disingenuous juxtapositions.

In this case, the anonymous detractor posed the question, “Aunt Jemima is degrading to Black women but Cardi B isn’t?” In response, Cardi came back with a question of her own: “Why you conservative Republicans always use my name to get viral tweets?” she wondered. “‘Cause how me & Aunt Jemima correlate? Aunt Jemima is degrading because it’s a symbol that implies black women are only good to be massa servant or cookin’ nanny — THATS WHY!” Cardi deleted the tweet, but her point was clear: “Don’t come for me.”

Twitter via Slack

Cardi, of course, has a point. Most of the criticisms that get leveraged against her are rooted in racism, misogyny, or both. Comparing Cardi to Aunt Jemima is reductive, ignoring all the aspects of her personality by suggesting she herself is a caricature of the worst stereotypes of Black people — stereotypes born not out of any inherent morality, but out of white supremacist thinking. By attacking her for embracing her sexuality, many of her critics reinforce the sexist idea that women should adhere to a restrictive presentation for men’s approval.

Still, Cardi seems to hold her own. From threatening to “dog walk” Tomi Lahren to forcing an apology out of KTLA anchor Doug Kolk, Cardi often turns the tables on her detractors, forcing them to confront the meanings behind their attacks.

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