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Kevin Owens Backed Out Of WWE Tapings Over COVID-19 Concerns

We’re still seeing fallout from one WWE developmental talent testing positive for COVID-19 after attending TV tapings, something the rest of the workers didn’t even find out about until basically when the public did. It doesn’t help matters nobody at the tapings has been wearing masks (whether or not WWE specifically told them not to). The company had to cancel tapings on Tuesday so they could test everyone for the virus, leading to chaotic and overstuffed tapings on Wednesday as they attempt to catch up. One WWE Superstar who didn’t attend those tapings, and may continue to stay home for the forseeable future, is Kevin Owens.

Fightful Select first reported that Kevin Owens has decided not to attend WWE tapings in light of Coronavirus concerns. They also added that WWE officials didn’t put pressure on him to attend when he decided not to, and that there’s reportedly no heat on him over this decision.

It would be in pretty poor taste if WWE wasn’t accepting his decision, considering that according to Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer, KO’s wife’s grandfather just recently died from COVID-19, so understandably his family would be especially concerned about the virus. Although honestly, what seems strange to me at least is how unconcerned most other people seem to be.