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Noted Chaos Agent Robert Pattinson Performed Driving Stunts For ‘Tenet’ After Just One Day Of Training

Maybe it’s the quarantine getting to him, but Robert Pattinson has proven himself to be quite the agent of chaos when it comes to interviews lately. There was his now-infamous pasta explosion while coordinating his eccentric GQ profile over Zoom, and he’s acquired a penchant for telling reporters that even he doesn’t know what Tenet is about, and he’s in it.

This time around, Pattinson contributed to Entertainment Weekly‘s huge, new Tenet feature by claiming he was freaking out his co-stars by performing car stunts despite having only one day of training.

“I thought that I wasn’t going to be doing any stunt driving in it, but then I ended up doing tons and tons. I remember doing one sequence where me and John David are in a BMW with an IMAX camera rigged on the hood, which means you can’t see anything through the windscreen, basically. And also, if you turn even slightly too much to the left or right, the rig hits the road, which is kind of terrifying. John David’s turning to me and saying, ‘Are you, like, a stunt driver or something? Have you rehearsed this?’ Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t really be allowed to do this. But Chris has so much control over the set, you get to do the actual fun stuff, which normally would be reserved for experts and not people who can’t even parallel park.”

Just like he did during Pattinson’s pasta meltdown with GQ, director Christopher Nolan swooped in to say that the Twilight star is joking. But then Nolan revealed an interesting tidbit. He confirmed that Pattinson only did a day of training, but it was more of ability assessment and it turns out, he’s actually awesome behind the wheel? According to Nolan, the stunt team “found him to be an excellent driver more than capable of safely performing the required shots.”

2 Pattz 2 Furious.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)