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Trippie Redd Celebrates His 21st Birthday By Dropping A New Single, ‘Dreamer’

Trippie Redd has been a major presence in hip-hop for a few years now, which makes it easy to forget that he’s still a very young guy. In fact, today (June 18) is his 21st birthday. Now, Trippie has celebrated the milestone by dropping a new song, “Dreamer.”

The track begins by sampling the classic viral video in which a young kid struggles repeatedly while trying to speak about dreams. From there, the song takes on a strong alternative rock influence, carried by a guitar riff and other traditionally rock instrumentation, with the addition of more electronic-sounding percussion. Trippie plays the role of provider on the track, singing, “I can touch your soul and tell you what you wanna hear / I’ll warm you when you’re cold, I keep you safe, nothing to fear.”

In a statement, he spoke about his musical philosophy, saying, “I like making timeless music. You’ve got to think of a timeless concept — love, hate, anger, sadness — all that shit is timeless. And if you can make something without it just meaning one thing, people can feel it and turn it into their own. That’s what makes it timeless.” He also spoke about his upbringing, saying he first wanted to make music after his older brother, an aspiring rapper, died in a car accident when Trippie was ten years old. “I took his dream and did it myself,” Trippie said.

Listen to “Dreamer” above.