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EA Announced A New ‘Skate’ Game Is In Development

The Skate franchise from EA is still considered the best skateboarding franchise, in terms of realism and gameplay, by many. While Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater holds a very special place in the hearts of many, and the first two editions of that game will be rebooted later this year, Skate was tremendous during its three-game run.

Skate 3 came out a decade ago in 2010, but still has legions of fans that have loyally yelled at Electronic Arts to reboot the franchise. Finally, those wishes have been granted, and a new Skate game is on the way, as announced in a surprise to close the EA Play Live event on Thursday night.

As someone who still owns Skate 3 and keeps an Xbox 360 in his living room for the sole purpose of playing that and the old NCAA football and basketball games, this is a very exciting announcement, even if vague.

For one, while people have been demanding Skate 4 for years, it’s important to note they never say Skate 4, and just that a new game is in development. Also, it’s clear this is very early on in that development stage, and we might not get this game for quite some time. Still, with the Tony Hawk franchise rebooting for a new generation and a new Skate game in the works, it’s an exciting time for skateboarding video games. Now, we just need 1080 Avalanche and SSX Tricky to return for the full retro extreme sports experience.