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EA Sports Released A ‘FIFA 21’ And ‘Madden 21’ Next-Gen Trailer

EA hosted its EA Play Live event to showcase upcoming game releases, and for fans of sports games, all eyes were on what they’d release for their Madden 21 and FIFA 21 titles.

The result was a long wait for a relatively short snippet of a trailer that combined some game engine footage (not gameplay footage) from both games into one trailer for what the two games will look like on next-gen consoles, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

It’s not a lot and, as always with a cinematic trailer, everything requires being taken with a grain of salt, but both games certainly look great and the atmosphere of the stadiums in FIFA continue to get bigger and better. When we’ll get actual gameplay trailers for the two games remains to be seen, along with updates on what might be changing or getting upgraded in the games — beyond the little details that were given out in this week’s Madden trailer that helped officially announce Lamar Jackson’s presence on the cover.

One can expect the biggest expansions will be on the Ultimate Team modes, given that those are where EA makes money off microtransactions, which have become of the utmost importance for sports video game developers in recent years, but hopefully some care will be put into the franchise and career modes to improve those, along with the annual gameplay tweaks we know will be coming.