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Public Enemy Go After Donald Trump On The Expletive-Laden ‘State Of The Union (STFU)’

There seemed to be a bit of infighting with Public Enemy earlier this year, as there were questions about whether or not Flavor Flav had been booted from the group. Whatever the case was there, he is back now, as he appears on the group’s latest track, “State Of The Union (STFU).”

The song is an aggressive take-down of Donald Trump and how things have gone in the US during his presidency. Although the POTUS’ name isn’t mentioned directly, it’s clear who the subject of the song is. Lyrics include, “Orange hair, fear the comb-over,” “White House killer / Dead in lifelines / Vote this joke out / Or die tryin’,” and the hook, “State of the Union / Shut the f*ck up / Sorry-ass motherf*cker / Stay away from me.” Trump is also clearly depicted on the single art, alongside a Nazi soldier with his knee on a person’s neck.

Chuck D said of the track, “Our collective voices keep getting louder. The rest of the planet is on our side. But it’s not enough to talk about change. You have to show up and demand change. Folks gotta vote like their lives depend on it, ’cause it does.” Flavor Flav added, “Public Enemy tells it like it is. It’s time for him to GO.”

Public Enemy, of course, are known for their iconic protest song, “Fight The Power.”

Listen to “State Of The Union (STFU)” above.