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D.L. Hughley Was Hospitalized After Collapsing During A Live Set

Although much of the entertainment industry remains under quarantine, some pockets have gone back to work, albeit while social distancing, keeping clean and safe, etc. One soap opera resumed production last week, with the actors actually performing their requisite love scenes with blow-up dolls. Meanwhile, Dave Chappelle surprise released a new stand-up set last week, complete with a scattered audience. D.L. Hughley also returned to the stage. Alas, a set he did in Nashville Friday ended suddenly with him passing out and having to be taken to the hospital.

Good news first: His rep told Entertainment Weekly that, after remaining there overnight, is feeling better. It’s said that he was “suffering from exhaustion after all the week’s work and travel,” and that he’s already feeling better and “wishes to thank everyone for the very kind prayer and thoughts.”

The incident occurred Zanies Nashville Comedy Club. A patron caught it on camera and posted it online, and it shows the comic seeming to pass out, only to be caught by someone off-stage, who prevented him from falling to the floor. Uproxx spoke to him two years back in advance of his Netflix comedy special Contrarian, in which he said he’d “never seen a time that was more right for comedy.” That sentiment probably goes double or triple nowadays.

(Via EW)