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‘The King’s Man’ Gets A New Trailer That Turns Ralph Fiennes Into An Action Star

Remember The King’s Man? The prequel to Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman series was already being kicked around the release schedule before the pandemic hit, originally aiming to land last November before being relocated to this past February. That didn’t happen, but allegedly it’s holding onto its current date of September 18…that is, if movie theaters, scheduled to mostly reopen mid-July, don’t have to close again due to another Covid-19 spike. And to show off its confidence that people will get to watch a British action extravaganza set in the early 20th century in movie theaters, here’s a new trailer.

There’s not much new intel dropped here; once again we see that the Kingsman line first banded together to battle a gang of criminal masterminds. Peter Stormare’s Rasputin and Daniel Brühl’s Prince Felix Yusopov — who, spoiler, was one of the men who killed the real Rasputin — among them.

The one difference is how action-paced it is — and how much of it involves esteemed, award-winning, pushing-60 English thespian Ralph Fiennes. He gets into skirmishes, shoots guns, gets into cane fights, even busts out swords. Just like in Quiz Show!

Will you actually get to see it on a big screen, while social distancing and wearing a mask? Who knows! A large number of Trump supporters piled into a stadium without wearing masks, breathing through the same air filtration system, so the future is once again very unclear. Then again, that number was dramatically lower than predicted, so perhaps we’ll be able to watch dumb action movies starring posh Englishpeople after all.

(Via EW)