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Billie Eilish Was Reportedly Granted A Three-Year Restraining Order Against A Stalker

At the beginning of the pandemic’s stay-at-home order, Billie Eilish revealed she was enjoying some time off. But the singer promptly faced the negative repercussions of growing up in the spotlight. A man who claimed to be a fan of Eilish repeatedly showed up at her home, and the singer had to get the police involved. Eilish can now rest easy as she has finally been granted a restraining order against the “erratic” person.

Back in March, Eilish sought a restraining order against a 24-year-old man who began harassing the singer and her family. The man trespassed on her family’s property several times after being asked to leave. While camping out on their porch at night, the man began exhibiting “erratic” behavior. He pulled out a book, began reading, and would periodically recite a monologue. Eventually, the man was taken away by security and Eilish was granted a temporary restraining order.

Eilish’s original restraining order had been temporary, but now the singer has been permitted longer-term protection, as reported by TMZ. A judge has granted Eilish a three-year restraining order, which can be extended after its expiration. The order forbids the man from coming within 100 yards of the singer and excludes him from making any sort of contact with her.

Hopefully, Eilish can now enjoy the rest of her time spent at home with more peace of mind.