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Eminem’s Alternate Verse On Griselda Records’ ‘Bang’ Disses Joe Budden And Revolt TV

Eminem’s always been known for trolling his detractors and fellow celebrities, even since before it was called “trolling.” He’s also been known to record multiple alternate verses for songs, vaulting the ones that actually cross too far over the line of bad taste even for him. Every so often, one of those vaulted tracks leaks though, and we get a peek into both his creative process and into his latest vendettas. The latest alternate verse to escape from the vault comes from an 86ed take on Conway The Machine’s “Bang,” on which Em guested last year.

On the original, he makes reference to his 20-year-old beef with Canibus and decade-old bout with Ja Rule, as well as calling out Iggy Azalea and “Milli Vanilli hip-hop.” A few months later, a remix of the track appeared on Griselda Records’ group debut, WWCD, along with the other members of the Buffalo drug rap trio. However, today, an alternate take cropped up on which Eminem reserves a few bars for former Shady Records signee Joe Budden and Diddy’s Revolt TV outlet, both of which have been critical of his artistic direction in the recent past.

Of Budden, Em says, “Tell this journalist stick to the stuff he knows / Like always running from Migos,” while he has the following to say on Revolt TV (where Joe eventually ended up as a content director), “Shout to Puffy Combs, but f*ck Revolt / Y’all are like a f*cked up remote / Now I get it why our button’s broke.” As the song is a leak, it’s against Uproxx policy to embed a player, but you can click here to check out the alternate version.

Eminem isn’t only a troll, though. He recently shared an updated list of rappers he really rocks with as well.