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Ja Rule Jokes Fly After He Appears In A TV Commercial For A Greek Deli

Ja Rule jokes are once again flying on Twitter after the man himself appeared in a TV commercial for a Greek deli. The low-budget ad promotes Los Angeles small business Papa Cristo’s Greek Grill with some “creative” pronunciations of its menu items from Ja as he stands in front of a green screen with images of the food behind him. Among the words Ja fails to pronounce are “gyros,” which he says are so good you’ll want to lick your fingers (he demonstrates), “tzatziki” (a dip made of yogurt), “oktapodakia” (grilled baby octopus), and “avglolemono (egg and lemon) soup.”

The commercial is, frankly, completely bonkers and hilarious, but it’s also kind of sweet. Ja seems to really be enjoying himself, grinning the whole way through. He talks lovingly about how good the food is and teases himself for being unable to pronounce the food names “’cause it’s so damn good.” Meanwhile, Papa Cristo himself shows up via a face app screen capture that turns him into a DJ at a crowded club. It’s silly and fun and might remind you of some of the best local business commercials from way back in the day with inescapable jingles and lovable, albeit sheisty-seeming pitchmen (let’s not forget the Fyre Festival fiasco).

Naturally, once the ad found its way to Twitter, the gyro-style roasts came fast and furious (heyo!), including one from 50 Cent, who never did let go of their mid-2000s beef despite ostensibly winning. As it turns out, though, Ja had a sweet reason for doing the ad, using his notoriety to help out a small business struggling from COVID-19 closure as part of a new TBS show, Celebrity Show-Off. It turns out that maybe we should be looking for Ja Rule in a disaster — he’ll be doing his part to help out. Check out some of the best reactions below.