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‘The Witcher’ Has Signaled Its Upcoming Return To Filming In The Most Fitting Way Possible

Toss a coin to Netflix as they start to map out The Witcher‘s return to production. Eager viewers began clamoring for a second season immediately after the series launched in a crowd-pleasing way, but all TV and film productions worldwide have been on pause since March amid the pandemic. Studios are now feeling out the process of a safe return to filming, and news of cast member Kristofer Hijvu (Game Of Thrones‘ Tormund) testing positive for COVID-19 will only heighten the palpable need for precautions. Still, The Witcher is finding its way back toward the valley of plenty.

The announcement of the show’s return to production was made in the most Jaskier-Dandelion way possible, of course, with a so-bad-it’s-good poem that could have only been authored by the so-called humble bard:

I’m dusting off my lute and quill,
I have some news, some mead to spill:
After all the months we’ve been apart
It’s time for production to restart.
The Witcher and his bard – who’s flawless,
Will reunite on set 17 August.

Joey Batey will never escape this character, correct? And good luck on getting that earworm of a song out of your head anytime today. As people are aware, Geralt of Rivia can’t be beat, but the question remains: how many bathtub scenes will we see in Season 2? If the number’s on par with the first batch of episodes, fans of the loner monster hunter (and all the books and video games) shall be pleased.

This season carries a few more bonuses: (1) Geralt’s mentor and father figure, Vesemir, will be portrayed by Killing Eve‘s Kim Bodnia; (2) Far fewer timeline shenanigans are to be expected, which shall be a welcome change. That second point feels like a natural progression with Geralt and Yiri finally crossing paths in the season finale, but I can’t even begin to guess where Yennifer will fit into the entire equation. She and Geralt seem doomed as lovers, but one never knows what story tweaks shall arrive. As long as Jaskier’s back for good, the magic can happen, although The Witcher‘s official return date remains up in the air.