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Beyonce Lets Her Voice Shine In An Alternate A Capella Version Of ‘Black Parade’

Last Friday was Juneteenth, and to celebrate, many artists released music commemorating the holiday. Beyonce shared the single “Black Parade” as a way to honor her Texas roots and spotlight Black culture and history. Now, Beyonce has followed the official release by granting fans an a cappella version of the song.

Released exclusively on Tidal, Beyonce’s a cappella version of her single strips the instrumentals to just the vocal track, allowing her far-reaching harmonies to shine through. “I’m going back to the South / I’m going back, back, back, back / Where my roots ain’t watered down / Growing, growing like a baobab tree / Of life on fertile ground, ancestors put me on game,” she sings.

Alongside sharing the original version of the track Friday, Beyonce announced her new initiative Black Parade Route. The project compiles a lengthy directory of Black artists, creators, businesses, and services. Furthermore, proceeds from Beyonce’s “Black Parade” track benefits the singer’s foundation BEYGood and its Black Business Impact Fund, which offers financial assistance to Black-owned small businesses in need. “I hope we continue to share joy and celebrate each other, even in the midst of struggle. Please continue to remember our beauty, strength and power,” Beyonce wrote about the project on Instagram.

Listen to the a cappella version of Beyonce’s “Black Parade” on Tidal here.