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Lil Baby Goes Off On Walmart For Selling Fake 4PF Chains

Rappers often feud with each other but it seems as though lately, they’ve had more disagreements with brands and retailers for hawking questionable wares and making iffy public statements. One of the biggest offenders is Walmart, whose website operates similarly to Amazon’s in that outsider retailers can rent “space” on the site to sell goods you wouldn’t normally find in Walmart’s brick-and-mortar stores. In December 2017, 2 Chainz went off on the brand for knocking off his dabbing Santa sweaters (which were supposed to be for charity) and now, another Atlanta star is mad at Walmart for selling bootleg branded goods.

Lil Baby, whose album My Turn has had an impressive run on top of the Billboard charts this year, woke up to the news that somebody is using the Walmart site to sell copies of his signature chain. Lil Baby, who proudly reps his “4 pockets full” mantra with a 4PF chain and clothing line, logged into his sparingly used Twitter to let fans know, “Walmart got me f*cced up.”

The rapper’s popularity has skyrocketed within the last few years thanks to a string of successful singles and projects including My Turn and most recently the single “Bigger Picture,” which he released as a response to ongoing protests against police brutality. So, it makes sense that fans would want to be a part of his movement — but maybe knocking off his trademark looks isn’t quite the right way to do it. At $70 for the fake 4PF chain, it’s probably not an investment you’d want to make anyway — unless you want your neck to turn green.