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James Gunn Reveals The One DC Villain Who Was Too Twisted For ‘The Suicide Squad’

The nice thing about comic book characters is that even if you’ve never heard of them, it’s not hard to figure out their deal. For instance, Riddler? My man loves to riddle. Joker? Jokes. Batman? He f*cks bats. The Suicide Squad is full of easily-understood weirdos, including Peacemaker (he’s a “douche-y Captain America,” as John Cena put it), the Thinker (he thinks), Polka-Dot Man (he has polka dots), Ratcatcher (she communicates with rats), King Shark (he’s a shark), Weasel (he’s a weasel), and Arm-Fall-Off-Boy (he loves Fall Out Boy). There’s one single-concept character in the rogues gallery that director James Gunn didn’t want to include in The Suicide Squad, however.

When asked on Twitter if “there [was] any d list character you decided you didn’t want to use in The Suicide Squad?” Gunn replied, “Dog Welder was considered of course. But, you know, being an animal lover, I’m not sure it’s something I’d personally want to see expressed cinematically.” Dog Welder’s powers should be self-explanatory, but

Dogwelder is a mysterious and likely disturbed individual who never speaks. His face is never revealed; always hiding behind a welding mask. All we know of Dogwelder and his methods are that he seems to live in an alley, he sets traps for stray animals, has a supply of dead dogs (perhaps just puppies) and he fights evil by pouncing upon evildoers and welding a dog to their face.

Uh, good call, James. I never thought I would grow to love a talking tree and a sarcastic raccoon voiced by Jackson Maine (his hands don’t scan), but I’m not sure he could pull off that same feat again with the dog-welding psycho. He’s too twisted, even for Joker!