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‘The Boys’ Star Jack Quaid Has The Perfect Shirt For Everyone Who’s ‘Disappointed’ Over The New ‘Scream’ Title

Scream 5 not being titled Scream 5 or, ideally, 5creamit’s simply Scream — still doesn’t make a ton of sense. The rationale is that it’s a new direction for the franchise, one without director and franchise-leader Wes Craven (he passed away in 2014), but the film stars Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and Dave Arquette, so it can’t be that new. But whatever, Scream 4 was good and the “relaunch” worked for 2018’s Halloween, so why not? At least we know Jack Quaid has our “it should be called 5cream” side.

The Boys star and actress Melissa Barrera are two new additions to the slasher series, and on the final day of shooting, they presented the crew with a gift. “To those disappointed that the new Scream isn’t called 5CREAM, this was @MelissaBarreraM and I’s wrap gift to the cast & crew. 5 Cream lives on in our [hearts]! Art by the amazingly talented @martweetsy! #Scream #5Cream,” he tweeted, along with photos of the shirt.

If Paramount doesn’t start selling these immediately, they’re fools.

Speaking to CinemaBlend, Scream co-director Tyler Gillett confirmed that the film is a sequel, not a straight-up reboot. “It felt like the only way to do this right was to create connectivity,” he said. “And a lot of it is also just what the Scream movies are, right? They’re about lineage. They’re about the evolution of pop culture and the evolution of the genre. And you can’t have something new without also giving a nod to what came before it. And paying respect, and giving a bow to what followed.”

Scream comes out on January 14, 2022.

(Via CinemaBlend)