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Cardi B Made A Chef Seriously Mad On A New Episode Of ‘Cardi Tries’

In December, Cardi B launched a new show on Facebook’s Messenger Watch Together feature, Cardi Tries. The show is easy to figure out based on the title, as it sees Cardi trying out things that are new to her and out of her usual wheelhouse.

She has expert guests on the program to help guide her through these experiences, and given Cardi’s casual, joke-heavy personality, these guests should know what they’re getting into. The focus of the program is on Cardi being a fish out of water and having fun in unfamiliar environments, so it would be fair to assume that she might not follow (or even know) all the rules of whatever she’s doing or take every aspect of it super seriously. That said, a chef got pretty annoyed with her on this week’s new episode.

Cardi shared a clip from the new installment, in which she tries cooking. In the brief clip, Cardi puts the finishing touches on some sushi she made, and she eats some of it while expressing how proud she is of herself and how tasty her creation is. Chef Vallerie Castillo, who was guiding Cardi through the process, didn’t take that well: Seemingly annoyed, Castillo said in a talking head shot, “I caught her sneaking something. I don’t let staff do it and I can’t believe she did that.”

Cardi doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the chef’s disgust with her kitchen etiquette, though, as Cardi captioned her post, “Chef Val was so mad that I kept eating the food. But what can I say the food taste good.”

There are similar incidents elsewhere in the full episode. At one point, Cardi messes up a sushi roll she made, and when told that the restaurant wouldn’t be able to serve it to their customers, she quickly popped it in her mouth and ate it. Castillo didn’t care for that, as she told the camera, “Cardi’s eating as she’s cooking. I told her not to, but she’s Cardi B, so what am I gonna do, right?” That said, Castillo was impressed by a sushi boat Cardi put together, noting, “Actually, that wasn’t too bad for a beginner.”

Watch the clip above and check out the full Cardi Tries episode here.

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