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‘WandaVision’ Released What Sure Looks Like A Spoiler-Heavy ‘Sneak Peek’ Of The Show’s Dark Direction

(Spoilers from Marvel Studios and Disney+’s WandaVision will be found below.)

It’s only been a few hours since WandaVision Episode 4 “We Interrupt This Program” started streaming Disney+ and the generally spoiler-averse Marvel Studios has dropped a very revealing sneak peak at the show’s direction. Not only does the new preview give away huge plot elements from the just-released Episode 4, but it seems to showcase some pretty significant events that will unfold in the weeks ahead.

After opening on Monica Rambeau reuniting with her SWORD colleagues and preparing to offer her insider perspective on what’s happening in the Westside bubble, namely that Wanda is the villainous force altering the town’s reality, the sneak peak starts flashing through clips of scenes to come with a heavy emphasis on a showdown between Wanda and Vision coming down the line. As glitches start to appear in the town, Vision becomes even more keenly aware of the strange events that keep unfolding, which builds towards a confrontation with Wanda over “What’s outside Westview?” In a surprisingly revealing moment, the clip actually shows Vision forcing his way through the energy field around the town, and then collapsing to his knees. Either because of his shock from escaping an alternate reality, or because he just entered a world where’s he supposed to be dead, and may have just reverted back to that state.

The clip also includes a very brief, but clearly deliberate moment that shows Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes seemingly manipulating Wanda. During one of the show’s reality-breaking moments where the artifice of the sitcom world starts to crack, Agnes can be seen telling Wanda, “Shouldn’t we just take it from the top?” We’ve already seen hints before that Agnes knows more than she’s letting on, and the show has revealed that unlike the other residents of Westview, she doesn’t have a real world identity. But this new clip is the first to suggest that Agnes is behind the events in Westview.

Adding to the mystery of Agnes’ involvement, the sneak peak also includes the phrase, “Life could be perfect when it’s made just for you,” which can be read as Wanda is creating a new reality where Vision is still alive, or that someone else created it for her.

(Via Marvel)