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The Lincoln Project Is Apparently ‘Thrilled’ To Sue Rudy Giuliani Over Deflecting Blame For The Capitol MAGA Riot

Rudy Giuliani‘s legal woes are stacking up, and apparently the anti-Trump Republicans behind The Lincoln Project are the latest opponent ready to take Trump’s personal lawyer to court. Giuliani is already in hot water with Dominion Voting Systems to the tune of more than a billion dollars, which he’s already blamed on basically everyone else.

Giuliani has kept talking despite speaking at a rally that served as a precursor to a MAGA riot at the US Capitol that left five people dead. And that includes an appearance on newly-pardoned Steve Bannon’s podcast. According to The Independent, Giuliani blamed The Lincoln Project founder Steve Schmidt, at least in part, for organizing the failed coup attempt that was very clearly carried out by QAnon believers and Trump supporters.

That latest bit of clearly misplaced insanity saw an immediate answer the next day. Schmidt appeared on MSNBC and was interviewed by Ali Velshi on Saturday, and said he was “thrilled” to potentially have the chance to sue Giuliani for defamation.

Speaking on Saturday morning, Mr Schmidt said: “Well, what’s amazing about it, Ali is that at the end of it when you cut it off when Bannon goes to, ‘you’re killing me, you’re killing me,’ because Steve Bannon knows he’s going to get sued by us also, and he is, and so is Donald Trump who is Rudy Giuliani’s client, and Rudy Giuliani is acting on his behest.”

He added: “But look, it is very difficult to sue somebody for defamation or libel in the United States, but our lawyers are telling us that Rudy is well across the line so we’re thrilled about this.”

Later on Saturday, The Lincoln Project’s Twitter account released a blistering, citation-filled statement about Giuliani’s various lies and demanding he retract the statements he made or face legal action.

Considering how undeterred Giuliani was by Dominion’s lawsuit, it seems unlikely this changes much of how the former mayor of New York City operates moving forward. But it’s certainly not good news for Giuliani, who is likely to spend a lot of time in court defending himself if lawsuits start to stack up.