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Blackpink Performed Their Lady Gaga Collab ‘Sour Candy’ During A Special Livestream Concert

Last summer Blackpink released their long-awaited debut album, The Album, to massive fan excitement and critical fanfare. The group had arrived, even if their ability to perform these gargantuan pop songs live was hampered by the restrictions on concerts globally imposed by the pandemic. Still, the live show is just as much a part of who Blackpink are as anything they’ve ever recorded, so the group concocted a special livestream concert they dubbed “The Show” to run live on Youtube. The live event went down last night, and fans were thrilled to see some of the group’s songs off The Album performed live for the first time.

They were also pleasantly surprised to get a glimpse of Blackpink busting out their collaboration with Lady Gaga on her album Chromactica, which came out last spring. Now a beloved part of the K-pop group’s canon, obviously this track hasn’t been performed live either because Gaga has faced the same touring restrictions they have. And though Gaga didn’t have the ability to appear for her part on the song, the group still pulled it off with flawless choreography and vocals. Clearly, as soon as they can get back on the road this track is going to be a fan-favorite — and the chance to see them perform it with Gaga is hopefully something we’ll all get to experience soon. Check out the clip above.