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John Krasinski Rewrote ‘The Office’ Theme Song On ‘SNL’

The theme song to The Office is probably one of the most recognizable in TV history, but John Krasinski feels that some changes need to be made. The show streaming on Peacock was a constant presence on Saturday Night Live, which is probably no coincidence given who owns NBC and its streaming service’s biggest draw.

Krasinski couldn’t escape Office jokes in his opening monologue, and he carried them into a later sketch that featured cast members of popular TV shows singing the theme song of the show itself. The sketch gives a few cast members to shine like Chloe Fineman and Melissa Villaseñor, as they covered shows like The Queen’s Gambit, Frasier and The Undoing. The show’s Baby Yoda character also pops up to rap over The Mandalorian theme.

But the sketch saved the best for last, with the show’s host bringing new life to the song performed by The Scrantones. Though it doesn’t exactly start out as a masterpiece of the written word.

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The song mostly narrates what’s going on in the clips that are shown while the theme plays, though Krasinski does note that Jim is the hero and Dwight is the bad guy. Interestingly enough, it was Krasinski who apparently filmed much of the footage of the town that was actually used in the show’s opening credits, so he’s really taking ownership of the whole package here.