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Mike Myers And Dana Carvey Reunited For A ‘Wayne’s World’ Super Bowl Ad

It’s been 32 years since Mike Myers and Dana Carvey first teamed up as Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar, Illinois music and pop culture nuts with their very own public-access TV show. Over the last handful of years the two have dusted off the beloved characters, popping up on SNL’s 40th anniversary special and, out of costume, at the Oscars and over a mid-pandemic virtual hang. On Saturday they reunited yet again, this time in full Wayne and Garth regalia, for the loftiest reason possible: an Uber Eats Super Bowl promo.

The ad found the pair — now in their late 50s and mid-60s, respectively — recreating their old show, complete with cut-rate logo and basement setting. “2020 was a great year…NOT!” they joked, before trying to sell people on the delivery app for next Sunday’s big game.

There was one catch: They couldn’t legally say the words “Super Bowl.” As per Entertainment Weekly, the term is trademarked by the NFL, and they charge a pretty penny for ads that mention the game, even ones ostensibly reminding viewers about it. And so Wayne and Garth had a little fun with the legal loophole.

“We just wanted to say that we’ll see you soon for the game, which for legal reasons cannot be named,” said Myers’ Wayne, while Garth later mentioned the “gigantic bowl.” It’s not quite up to the classic bit in the first Wayne’s World film in which they mocked product placement, but they gave it the old college try.

You can watch the commercial in the video above.

(Via EW)