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A Former QAnon Supporter Personally Apologized To Anderson Cooper For Thinking He Ate Babies

We’ve learned a lot of strange things about the world during the Trump era, but up there as the weirdest is the existence of QAnon believers. It’s not just your typical disproven conspiracy theory; believers actually think the former president was battling an army of Satan-worshipping pedophilic cannibals. It’s so cuckoo not even Alex Jones is buying it. Among those claimed to be involved are various Democratic politicians as well as CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

No one was more shocked to hear that QAnon believers believed that Anderson Cooper was involved in a Satanic cabal than Anderson Cooper. The journalist recently spoke to one former QAnon-er, name of Jitarth Jadeja, who spent part of their interview personally apologizing for thinking he was a cannibal.

“I would like to apologize for that right now. I apologize for thinking you ate babies,” Jadeja told Cooper, uttering one of the most surreal sentences ever aired on a news network, which is saying something.

“You actually believed that I was drinking the blood of children,” a flummoxed Cooper asked him.

“Yes. I did,” Jadeja said, through a thick cloud of embarrassment.

When Cooper asked him if it was something about his personality or something that made him think he was capable of eating babies, Jadeja explained that “Q” — the secretive founder of the discredited theory, who had claimed to be a part of military intelligence — had mentioned him “very early on” in the theory’s life. He also told Cooper “some people thought you were a robot.” And he mentioned something about “fifth-dimensional interdimensional extraterrestrial bipedal bird aliens called ‘Blue Avians.’”

Well, at least Jadeja got better! In the meantime, QAnon has a supporter in Marjorie Taylor Greene, the new Georgia representative who’s already making life hell for her colleagues, some of whom she once said should be “executed.” Fun times!

You can watch their full exchange, complete with some heavy furrowed brow action from Cooper, on CNN.