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Newt Gingrich Got Slammed For Saying Representatives Of Color Formed A ‘Lynch Mob’ Against Marjorie Taylor Greene

Newt Gingrich hasn’t had any official political power since leaving the House of Representatives in 1999, but he’s remained an active — or at least loud — member of the GOP. Back in December, he made news after complaining that Georgia was making it too easy to vote, implying that Republicans only win by making it difficult. And on Saturday he decided it was a good idea to tweet out something offensive in at least two ways.

Offensive part, the first: Gingrich was defending Marjorie Taylor Greene, the new representative known for her QAnon views and declaring some of her colleagues should be murdered, among other horrific things. Offensive part, the second: He did so while saying Democratic lawmakers of color who have come out against her have formed a “lynch mob.”

That Gingrich would use such language to describe Maxine Waters, who is African-American, coming after a white woman did not go unnoticed on social media.

Others reminded him of an actual, more recent mob.

Some made jokes about his most un-conservative personal life.

While Gingrich was coming out in defense of someone known to drop anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, Mitt Romney — a Republican who’s still in power — was busy calling out her “nonsense.” But perhaps the GOP is more Newt than it is Mitt these days.