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LeBron James Refused To Give A Super Bowl Pick Because He Has Friends On Both Teams

LeBron James is a huge football fan, and can regularly be seen tweeting about his beloved Browns on Sundays and the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturdays. James, who once had a promising football career ahead of him before he (wisely) chose to stick to basketball fulltime, loves the game and isn’t often shy about voicing his opinion on a game.

However, that apparently doesn’t extend to this Sunday’s Super Bowl when it comes to making a prediction for the game, as LeBron, ever the diplomat, laughed off a request from Kevin Harlan (who does lots of NFL games on CBS and on radio) for his pick between the Bucs and the Chiefs after the Lakers comeback win over Denver on Thursday night. James, citing the friends he has on both teams like Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady, declined to make a pick, instead choosing the trusty cop out of “I just want to see a great game.”

Reggie Miller tried his best to goad LeBron into giving an actual pick, but James wasn’t going to be persuaded to betray any of his friends in the game and was proud of his diplomatic response. It’s probably a wise choice, as he now holds the high ground to simply fire off the postgame congratulations tweets to the guys he knows on whichever team wins.