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Draymond Green’s Wild Heave With 8 Seconds Left Had Everyone Stunned

The Golden State Warriors tipped off their first of two back-to-back games in San Antonio with a rough second half performance that saw a five-point halftime lead evaporate into a 105-100 loss.

The Warriors scored just 41 in the second half, as the Spurs defense, led by Dejounte Murray and his eight steals on the game, put the clamps on Golden State to allow themselves to pull in front and hang on. Stephen Curry did his best to keep the Warriors hopes alive, scoring 32 including this stepback to cut the lead to one with nine seconds to play and give the Warriors a fighting chance.

After a pair of DeMar DeRozan free throws to get to 21 points on the night, the Warriors got the ball with 8.7 seconds to play needing a three to tie. The Spurs put a lot of focus on Curry, unsurprisingly, and when the inbound pass went to Draymond Green, the Warriors big man anticipated a foul was coming and, well, you can see for yourself.

The Warriors broadcast crew’s reaction was the best, as they couldn’t help but wonder aloud, “what’d he do that for?!” and an exasperated, “why?!” Now, it looks worse than it actually was because Green was, of course, trying to get three free throws to tie the game — although he had just missed two free throws not long before that so the likelihood of him sinking three in a row felt low — but it looked hilarious as Derrick White recoiled and avoided contact to allow Green to brick a 35-footer with authority.

Naturally, people immediately jumped to the Carlton Banks basketball moment and Green will have to live with the jokes for some time.

The Spurs got the win, thanks to Murray’s 27-point, 8-steal night and DeRozan’s 21 as well, and the two teams will get to do it all over again tomorrow in the same place.