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Marjorie Taylor Greene Stopped By ‘SNL Weekend Update’ To Talk ‘Sience’ And Her Anti-Trans Controversy

Marjorie Taylor Greene was in the news again this week after posting anti-trans messages outside her office to mock a representative with a transgender child. The story got plenty of pushback from others in office and in the news, and so it’s no surprise that Saturday Night Live addressed the incident on Weekend Update.

In the sketch, Greene, played by Cecily Strong, talks a lot about “science,” but apparently spells it “sience,” as it appears on a shirt she’s wearing to prove a point.

“Because we had to trust the science, Colin. You know me, I’m a science person, I’m always talking science,” she said. “Unless that science is climate change, coronavirus, space lasers, evolution, the metric system, the rhythm method, breastfeeding, living on Mars, Jesus’s skin color, or Santa’s skin color, by the way, which is white.”

Elsewhere in the segment, Michael Che laid out his frustrations with Democrats and their inability to pass legislation giving people aid amid the pandemic. Discussing a senator who was happy the House bill didn’t include a raise in the minimum wage, Che unloaded on basically everyone in congress.

“That’s like 40 years ago when rent was like, a dollar, and everyone had one porno tape,” Che said. “This is why Democracts never get stuff done: you keep leaving it up to a vote and taking no for an answer. When Republicans lose a vote, they storm the Capitol. Why can’t y’all get that mad? Say what you will about a guy in a viking helmet taking a dump in Nancy Pelosi’s desk, but he will not be ignored.”

They also addressed the concept of the Muppets getting “canceled,” which you can watch below.