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Trump Lied About Wanting To Beat The Democrats ‘For A Third Time’ In His First Public Appearance Since Leaving Office

It’s been over a month since Donald Trump made a public appearance, though he hasn’t been entirely AWOL: He called in to some conservative TV shows and dashed off a blog-like screed in which he mostly tore into Mitch McConnell. But on Sunday he made his triumphant IRL comeback, appearing as the keynote speaker at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference. Did he show off a new tone? Did he show off a new respect for the truth? Was he at least humbled by the failed MAGA coup that resulted in five deaths? Of course not! If anything all he did was give a Greatest Hits performance.

There was a lot of lies and fabrications and embellishments, enough to keep CNN fact checker Daniel Dale busier than he’s been in over a month. But his biggest lie was what has been dubbed “The Big Lie”: that the 2020 election was stolen from him, or at least “illegal,” or something.

The Big Lie came up a number of times, at fairly regular intervals, including when he repeatedly teased a run in 2024. He first brought it up in the first 15 minutes of what turned into a 90-minute epic, telling the crowd, “Who knows? I may even decide to beat [Democrats] for a third time.”

No one was shocked that Trump is still pushing the Big Lie, despite spending two months filling courts with frivolous lawsuits. But some still tried to remind him that he lost it by over seven million votes.

Others thought he was simply bad at math.

Others pointed out that number of times he won the popular vote.

People were not shocked that the bloody Capitol riot didn’t faze Trump one bit.

Maybe what he meant is that he’ll simply lose again.

But hey, Trump — who was acquitted by the Senate, meaning he can still run for public office, and can still flood the GOP with Marjorie Taylor Green clones — is the Republican Party’s problem now.