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This ‘Halo Infinite’ Tech Demo Highlight Is Straight Out Of An Action Movie

We’re starting to get more info on Halo Infinite as the game’s release date is quickly approaching. Recently, 343 Industries hosted a select number of players to experience a tech demo of the game. Players were able to dive in, experience some of the multiplayer, and really get a feel for how Infinite is going to play.

So far, reviews have been really good. Players have said it has the potential to help Halo reclaim its spot as one of the best multiplayer shooters out there and they were even allowed to capture some footage of their demos. It’s been awesome to see people getting to experience the future of Halo, but we’ve also seen them pushing the engine to its limits. One example of this is a clip from streamer “MintzBlitz,” who found that if you throw a grenade at just the right point, you can launch a gun into the air and grapple it into your hands. What resulted is a highlight that looks straight out of an action movie.

Is this going to stay in the actual game? It seems unlikely because there are a lot of ways that grenading a gun into the air can be broken, but that’s why developers have demos like this. The only way a game can ever be put to the test is by putting it in the hands of players that are going to find a way to exploit every single potential flaw.

If the ability to launch guns into the air does make its way into the final game, then we can expect a lot more highlights like this — remember when the Modern Warfare games were really popular and everyone started trying to do 360 no scopes because it looked cool? We might see that, but with players trying to grapple rocket launchers out of the air instead. Then again, that sounds pretty cool, so maybe they should keep this in as a feature.