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Lil Nas X Tells Kevin Abstract How Brockhampton Helped Him As An Artist

Lil Nas X has never been afraid to put his flamboyant personality front and center of his public persona or to share some details of his private life that other stars would shy away from. In a new feature in VMAN magazine, Lil Nas X reveals in a conversation with Kevin Abstract that he’s currently dating and calls the relationship “natural” and “effortless.” Abstract, who is able to ask some piercing questions — there might be a future in journalism for that one after his rap career is over — also asks Lil Nas about the influences other queer artists have had on him.

“I feel like without Frank and people like [Kevin], it definitely would’ve been much more scary,” Nas admits. “I feel like for everybody, no matter who the artist is, there’s always some person that in some way made them feel slightly more okay with doing something and being themselves… That’s what you guys did for me.”

Nas, who describes himself as “much more of a pop star now than a rapper,” also addresses the reaction to his “Montero” video from his nearest and dearest. “My dad texted me the next morning,” he recalls. “He was like, ‘I got through it’ — almost as if it was a bad movie or something. Even that was great [to me]. For the rest of my family, I don’t think everyone’s going to be 100 percent honest with me about how they felt. But a lot of them were understanding, to say the least.”

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