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People Can’t Believe They Agree With Ann Coulter After She Praised Biden For Withdrawing From Afghanistan

In the aughts, Ann Coulter was one of the great béte noires of the far right, always willing to go farther than most in saying shocking and offensive things. She still does that, but then, so does almost everyone in her party. So how does one stick out in this pugilistic times? By calling Trump mean names and praising Joe Biden. A week after Alex Jones dared call the 45th president a “dumbass” over his (admittedly half-assed) promotion of COVID vaccines, Coulter has gone even further.

The GOP has spent the last two weeks up in arms about Biden withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, following a rollercoaster last 20 years, which ended with things pretty much the same as they were when American troops arrived. Biden has held steadfast on his decision, even as Republicans have called for his impeachment. It’s a complex situation, and even those on the left have been critical of how it’s been handled. But one person who unequivocally thinks he did the right thing: Ann freakin’ Coulter.

“Trump REPEATEDLY demanded that we bring our soldiers home, but only President Biden had the balls to do it,” she tweeted. She than posted screengrabs of “a few of Trump’s wuss, B.S. – I mean ‘masterful’ – tweets,” all from 2020 and 2019, and each of them about bringing soldiers home.

Keep in mind, Coulter’s reasons for supporting Biden — on this and pretty much definitely this alone — are probably not the reasons others have, nor would want to have. But even though her schtick is shock, this one legitimately threw her many, many detractors of a loop.

Many weren’t sure how to feel about agreeing with someone who once advocated taking away women’s right to vote because so many vote Democrat.

Some wondered if she’s been possessed.

Mind you, this is far from the first time Coulter has gone to the other side. She slammed Trump in 2019, when he shut down the government in the middle of a hissy fit over his Southern border wall. And last year, about a month before he lost re-election, Coulter joined Democrats in excoriating him for skirting on his taxes. But don’t worry, she’ll be back to saying stuff no one outside the farthest right circles agrees with. In other words, you almost certainly will never have to welcome her to the resistance.