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DJ Envy Said He Thinks Kanye’s Team Is Partly To Blame For Enabling His ‘Clown’ Behavior

With the surprise release of Donda on Sunday, everyone is rushing to share their opinion on Kanye’s latest work. While the wisest among us like Questlove chided fans not to dole out hot takes when the album is barely 24 hours year old — and this might not even be the final product Kanye wanted to put out — others still can’t get over his actions outside of the music itself.

Charlamagne Tha God admitted he thought the record was a bit lackluster, but had thoughts on how to fix it, while his Breakfast Club co-host, DJ Envy, is still caught up on Ye’s past actions. He called Yeezy’s behavior over the last few months and years “clown behavior” and said he thinks the mega rapper’s team is partly to blame for enabling him.

“I called him a clown, and I still stand by that and I still mean that,” Envy began. “So many people called me and asked me why I felt that way, and I explained to them why I felt that way…. they asked me why do you think the people that I named — which was Pusha T, John Monopoly, Free and Boo were like that too — and I said it’s because I feel like you enable him to do it. You don’t stop him from doing the wild out stuff behind-the-scenes that is really disrespectful, and he should be humbled.”

Check out all of this thoughts above — including an admission that despite all that he still likes his Yeezy shoes — and our review of Donda here.