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Remy Ma Gives Lizzo Advice On Internet Trolls: ‘F*ck These B*tches’

A lot of people want to send love to Lizzo. This pop star, R&B singer, and rapping icon is already facing the extra challenge of being a Black woman in America — add to that she’s living in a plus size body, and well, haters gonna hate. And hate they have been, to the point that even this breakout star had a breakdown over some of the horrific fatphobic comments that keyboard warriors thought it was ok to leave for her following the release of her brand new single “Rumors” that features Cardi B.

Of course, you already know Cardi had her back, defending Lizzo against what she goes through in the public eye. But other artists have now chimed in too, as T.I. supported her and so did Offset, and now Remy Ma.

In a video from Hollywood Unlocked, the reporter asks Remy Ma for her advice to Lizzo, which was short and sweet. “F*ck these b*tches,” Ma said. “What are you talking about? F*ck them. Don’t care and just keep getting your money. You’ll never see them in real life, ever. They’ll never say it to your face.”

Wiser words have rarely been spoken! Check out Remy’s answer below.