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A ‘Madden 22’ Glitch Is Giving Players A Loss After They Win In Franchise Mode

Well, it’s that time of year again when we look across Twitter at a sea of angry tweets about the glitches in the most recent release of Madden. This year’s iteration, Madden 22, is no different from previous years with glitches everywhere. Some of them are funny, such as this one where an entire defensive line gets destroyed, but there are the ones that aren’t quite as enjoyable.

Players have been reporting that when they’re in Franchise mode they’ll be playing through games, win the game, and go back to the menu only to discover they have suffered a loss. The likely cause of this has something to do with players online franchises desynching from the servers, but that doesn’t make the glitch any less frustrating when it occurs. Especially when it’s occurring enough that multiple people are tweeting about it.

As always, we want to stress that making video games is incredibly difficult. However, when the entire objective of franchise mode is to play through an entire season there is little reason to stay engaged with the game when the results not only aren’t counting but are being recorded as losses. Why not just simulate through every game if there’s a chance we’re going to lose anyway? This is one of those glitches that makes players put the game down and never play it again, even after it’s been patched out.

While every Madden game these days seems to launch as a buggy mess, Madden 22 is earning special accolades among fans for being one of the most broken at launch. Visual glitches, such as fans holding up signs cheering for the wrong team, are spread throughout the game. Unfortunately, those are minor compared to the people who have seen the game consistently crashing or being unable to access entire modes such as Face of the Franchise. The worst sin a game can commit is not allowed players to play it and right now people who want to play Madden are struggling to even get through menus. Then, when they do, their game might be recorded as a loss. It’s no surprise to see that people are frustrated.

As for a fix, at this point, all EA has is that fixes are “in the works, stay tuned,” per a statement to IGN about the loss glitch issue. A patch is surely on the way, but given the widespread issues in the game, it seems unlikely one patch will be enough to fix it all.