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The Raiders Beat The Ravens In A Wild Overtime That Featured Two Crushing Turnovers

As often happens in Las Vegas, the Raiders and Ravens got loose late on Monday Night Football. Baltimore led 14-0 early, but Vegas clawed their way back, eventually tying the game at 24-24. From there, Justin Tucker drilled a go-ahead field goal in the closing minutes, but Derek Carr was able to move Vegas into field goal range himself, setting up a Daniel Carlson game-tying field goal just before time expired.

In overtime, the Raiders looked like they had won the game on an incredible catch and run from Bryan Edwards down the sideline that led to handshakes and hugs.

However, Edwards was ruled down inside the 1 after a review, and the Raiders then managed to flail miserably from there. Carr got stuffed on a sneak, then rookie Alex Leatherwood false started as Carr hard counted for some reason, and after being backed up to the five, Carr tried to throw the ball as hard as he could to a wide open receiver, who missed the ball and saw it hit a defender in the head, bounce up, and get intercepted.

That let Baltimore take over only needing to get into field goal range for Tucker, but their offense also sputtered. On 3rd down, the Raiders got home with some pressure as Carl Nassib not only brought Lamar Jackson down but forced a fumble on the sack, setting Vegas up in plus territory for another shot at the win.

After a first down run and then botching time management and taking an unnecessary delay of game while trying to get their field goal unit on the field, the Raiders came back out with the offense for second down and ended up with a game-winning touchdown thanks to a bust in the secondary that left Zay Jones wide open as Carr just hucked one up to the end zone.

It was an absolutely absurd finish to a game that was filled with plays that left both teams’ fans scratching their heads, but in the end, Vegas pulled off the upset at home and sent Baltimore on a long, sad plane ride back to Maryland wondering how that got away.