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ESPN NFL Analyst Dan Orlovsky Can Do A Breathtaking Impression Of A Barking Dog

Dan Orlovsky entered the “former athlete to broadcaster” pipeline a few years back. The longtime NFL quarterback has worked for ESPN since 2018, where he’s done everything from film work on the network’s various football shows, to appearing in the booth in college games, to popping up on the morning shows and firing off takes.

Now, I am going to need all of you to prepare for the sequence of words I am going to write, and then I need you to take another moment to prepare for the videos that pop up: Dan Orlovsky is capable of barking like a dog. And not just, like, the way you or I might if we’re trying to rile up a puppy during play time, but the man can do a killer impression of some sort of larger canine.

Fellow ESPN writer/analyst Mina Kimes learned this and posted two videos to Twitter. I am going to once again stress that you take a moment to prepare yourself for this. Ready? Ok, behold:

I learned of these videos while my dog was sitting next to me on the couch and, as Orlovsky started to bark, my dog perked up and tilted his head, because he was confused as to why another dog that he could not see was in the room. Now, it is extremely easy to say this is fake, but Kimes has taken to Twitter to stress this is 110 percent real.

Orlovsky has not addressed this, but we will let you know if this he goes in depth on how the heck he can do this.