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Britney Spears Is Celebrating Her Newfound Freedom By Going On Vacation And Posting Nudes

It’s been a wild ride for Britney Spears over the last few years as support for the #FreeBritney movement grew. Soon after, it became clear to the world that something wasn’t right in the way Britney’s conservatorship had been established, and that her super fans might actually be onto something with their protests. Now, a judge has finally suspended her father from the legal system that controls her, and it looks like she’ll be able to free herself from it all together. In celebration of that important, landmark legal decision, she seems to be celebrating somewhere tropical.

After posting a beautiful boat ride or two and even a video of herself flying the private plane (!) Britney did what every girl does when she’s on vacation and feeling happy after a massive ordeal… she posted nudes. These are tastefully done nude photos with emojis covering up the explicit bits, pretty clearly shot by by her loving partner Sam Asghari and intended to celebrate her body and self-expression. I, for one, am all for them! Check out the photos from her Instagram post below the other videos.

“Playing in the Pacific never hurt anybody 😉💋🙊 !!!! Pssss no photo edits … the tub curves 😂😂😬😬 !!!” she posted as the caption, making sure to clarify that this bod is 100% real life.