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Disney+ Is Expected To Be More Popular Than Netflix By 2025

Netflix is the king of the streaming service empire with the most Emmys, the most water cooler shows (or whatever the 2021 version of a water cooler is — Slack channels?), and the most subscribers. The House That (Unfortunately) House of Cards Built is up to 209 million subscribers, followed by 175 million for Amazon Prime Video and 116 million for Disney+. But according to a new report, it’s expected that The House That (Fortunately, Because He’s So Freaking Adorable) Baby Yoda Built will have more subscribers than Netflix by 2025. It’s about time that Disney caught a break.

“Research firm Digital TV Research shared the prediction in a report, projecting that the number of subscribers to Disney+ would reach 284.2 million in 2026,” according to the Hollywood Reporter, while “Netflix will in 2026 have 270.7 million subscribers.”

As for Amazon Prime Video and other services:

Amazon Prime will hit 243.4 million users, the research firm predicts. Behind that, it estimates that China’s Tencent will end 2026 with 98.7 million users, China’s iQiyi with 76.8 million, and HBO with 76.3 million subscribers. Meanwhile, Apple TV+ will record 35.6 million users then.

By 2025, Disney+ will have 74 Marvel shows and if you miss a single episode, you will be ostracized from society. Netflix can’t compete with the Pizza Dog Cinematic Universe.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)