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‘My Sister Is Bonkers!’ Laura Ingraham’s Brother Is Trashing Her Transparent Vaccine Lies On Fox News

When it comes to Fox News personalities, Laura Ingraham isn’t quite as out-there as Tucker Carlson when it comes to COVID misinformation. Then again, it’s almost impossible to top Tucker, whose recent lie-fueled episodes have included (false) accusations that vaccine mandates are literally inspired by the Devil to lower men’s testosterone after and (this is a lie as well) claiming that Dr. Fauci “created COVID.” Over on The Ingraham Angle, things haven’t been as hyperbolic, but the host has still been shoveling out the misinformation.

For some time, Laura’s brother, Curtis, has been a vocal critic of his sister’s on-air tactics. He branded her as “pathetic” for her Fauci criticism, and his pre-pandemic call-outs include taking aim at Laura for likening climate activist Greta Thunberg to “Children of the Corn.” Curtis was definitely not here for Laura’s Monday night broadcast.

“My sister is bonkers!” Curtis tweeted in response to an @acyn tweet. “Vaccines are in abundant supply much like the lies and disinformation she feeds to her ignorant anti-vaxer followers. Where is the accountability?! @IngrahamAngle”

On air, Laura slammed President Biden for the continued nature of the pandemic. Rather than call out people that refused to get the vaccine because of “freedom,” however, she somehow believes that Biden restricted access to the vaccines. That doesn’t wash, since anyone who wants a vaccine can walk into a pharmacy and get one, free of charge. Still, this is what Laura said, via Fox News:

“All Biden had to do was number one, make the vaccine widely available, number two, lift all restrictions on economic activity and number three, let the Trump-era policies and the hard work of the American people take us back to the booming economy we enjoyed before COVID.

“Of course, they did the exact opposite. They canceled Trump’s policies, overreach with vaccine mandates and scare the public into staying at home. And over the last few days, we have seen the toll that Biden’s radical agenda is taking on the economy.

Laura was mainly aiming to blame Biden for “his pathetic handling of the economy,” which she says is even worse than the U.S.-Mexico border situation (she says Biden is “importing a trifecta of disasters from COVID to crime to poverty”). However, it’s worth noting the reality that the economy was in the tank during Trump’s final year in office, and the generous assistance that Republicans sent to businesses at the start of the pandemic only added to the nation’s debt, on top of all of those Trump tax cuts. Biden inherited an economic mess, yet Laura Ingraham wants to blame him for all of it.

(Via Fox News)