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‘Lucifer’ Dominated The Nielsen U.S. Streaming Chart Its First Week

While Squid Game might be Netflix’s most popular series of all time, it looks like it might have taken awhile for the U.S. to get their iconic calling cards summoning them to watch the spectacle. According to the U.S. Nielsen streaming chart (via Indie Wire), during the week of September 13 to September 19 — the week Squid Game premiered the series’ was not one of the top ten most watched programs in the United States. Instead, a familiar and devilishly sly show stole the show with a whopping 1,5888 million minute viewed: Lucifer. Oh and here’s the complete list, just in case you gotta see this for yourself:

1. Lucifer (Netflix) – 1,588 million minutes

2. Clickbait (Netflix) – 732 million minutes

3. Sex Education (Netflix) – 595 million minutes

4. The Circle (Netflix) – 444 million minutes

5. Only Murders in the Building (Hulu) – 311 million minutes

6. Nine Perfect Strangers (Hulu) – 297 million minutes

7. Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror (Netflix) – 268 million minutes

8. What If…? (Disney+) – 243 million minutes

9. LulaRich (Amazon Prime Video) – 242 million minutes

10. Money Heist (Netflix) – 224 million minutes

While just how much Netflix accounts for the Nielsen top 10 is pretty staggering, Lucifer‘s place at the top of this list actually makes a whole lot of sense considering how the show’s been dragged to hell and back (pun absolutely intended). Based on the DC Comics character created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg in the series The Sandman, Lucifer began airing on Fox to high-viewership but mixed reviews until it was ultimately canceled following its third season. Shortly after news of its cancellation got out, Netflix announced it would be picking up the series for its fourth season, much to the delight of the show’s loyal fans. In 2019, Netflix announced the show would get a fifth and final season, however, prior to the fifth season airing, Netflix reversed the decision, giving the show a sixth and final season.

All this considered, it makes sense folks tuned in to watch the season that was never intended to exist. Must still, perhaps the most interesting thing on this list is the absence of Netflix’s hit show Squid Game. While Squid Game is now a global phenomenon and Netflix’s most popular original series, it appears its initial reception in the U.S. was not nearly as record-shattering as it would ultimately go on to be. While the show did rack up 206 million minutes of viewing, it ultimately fell short of landing a spot on the top of the Nielsen US streaming chart.

But hey, don’t feel too bad for Squid Game. In addition to crashing websites, generating a ton of Emmy buzz, and a spawning real-life version of show’s dark competition, it also might be getting a second season, and if so there’s no doubt in our minds the grim and gruesome show will give even the almighty Lucifer a run for his money.