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The Restless Jeff Tweedy Is Dropping A ‘Love Is The King’ Deluxe Album Plus A Neil Young Cover

Jeff Tweedy is tireless. After numerous recent releases, the Wilco leader will start wrapping up the band’s pre-pandemic re-scheduled tour dates at the end of October, and then be gearing up to release the deluxe edition of 2020’s fantastic expressionist folk solo album, Love Is The King. The album itself feels like nothing short of an extension of the Wilco catalog, but with more pared-down arrangements of equally splendorous material. Point blank, Tweedy is as prolific of a songwriter as they come and multiple vessels are needed to fill the magic that emanates from the Chicagoan’s brain.

Out in December, the deluxe album features the reissued original, plus a second disc of live versions of each song — titled Live Is The King — and a new cover of Neil Young’s “The Old Country Waltz,” performed by Tweedy and a full band of Chicago all-stars. Recorded in Chicago at Wilco’s studio, The Loft, and at local venues The Hideout and Constellation, the live versions feature Tweedy’s sons Sammy and Spencer, as well as Liam Kazar, James Elkington, and Sima Cunningham of Ohmme. The swell rendition of “The Old Country Waltz” is notable, because Tweedy is not only backed by the album’s players, but also because they will all (along with Ohmme’s Macie Stewart) be accompanying Tweedy for the winter tour supporting the release in late 2021 and early 2022.

Listen to “The Old Country Waltz” above, and below, find the Live Is The King art and tracklist, as well as Tweedy’s upcoming tour dates.

Jeff Tweedy

1. “Love Is The King (live)”
2. “Opaline (live)”
3. “A Robin Or A Wren (live)”
4. “Gwendolyn (live)”
5. “Bad Day Lately (live)”
6. “Even I Can See (live)”
7. “Natural Disaster (live)”
8. “Save It For Me (live)”
9. “Guess Again (live)”
10. “Troubled (live)”
11. “Half-Asleep (live)”
12. “The Old Country Waltz (live)”

12/22/2021 — Chicago, IL @ Metro
12/23/2021 — Chicago, IL @ Metro
12/28/2021 — Los Angeles, CA @ Largo *
12/29/2021 — Los Angeles, CA @ Largo *
12/30/2021 — Los Angeles, CA @ Largo *
01/01/2022 — Los Angeles, CA @ Largo
01/02/2022 — Los Angeles, CA @ Largo
01/05/2022 — San Francisco, CA @ Fillmore
01/06/2022 — San Francisco, CA @ Fillmore

*Jeff Tweedy solo

Love Is The King/Live Is The King is out 12/10 via dBpm Records.