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People Simply Cannot Believe Jason Momoa’s Character In ‘Dune’ Is Actually Named Duncan Idaho

This weekend, after a year’s delay — to say nothing of being in development hell for over a decade — the latest big screen adaptation of Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi novel Dune finally hit theaters. And despite also being available on HBO Max, it went over gangbusters, topping the theatrical box office at home and elsewhere. It’s great news for Herbert’s famously tough-to-film classic. But people online still took umbrage with one aspect: Is there really a character named “Duncan Idaho”?

There is! Duncan Idaho is the “swordmaster” for the goodly House Atreides, and he’s played by Jason Momoa, in what is arguably the film’s most likable performance. Should the other novels in the series be filmed, he’ll be back. Though the story spans thousands and thousands of years, people keep cloning him, over and over and over again. Every character, beloved or hissable, dies at some point over the novels, but Duncan Idaho was so beloved that Herbert kept bringing him back for more.

Still, he is named “Duncan Idaho.”

And so many on social media had the same idea: What a kooky name, let’s make jokes.

Others wished Momoa’s Duncan Idaho had a bit more Aquaman in his DNA.

Mind you, Duncan Idaho isn’t the only bizarre name in Dune. Thufir Hawat (Stephen McKinley Henderson), Glossu Rabban (Dave Bautista), and Wellington Yueh (Chang Chen) are nothing to sneeze at either.

Others, though, found it easy to get over a silly name like Duncan Idaho thanks to the arguably career best work from Jason Momoa.

You can watch the new Dune in theaters and on HBO Max (though it really should be seen on the biggest screen with the loudest sound imaginable). HBO Max is where one can also stream David Lynch’s notorious (but also, to some, enjoyable) 1984 stab, in which Duncan Idaho is played by the excellent character actor Richard Jordan.