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Charles Martinet Plans To Voice Mario ‘Until I Drop’

Perhaps the most recognizable voice in all of gaming is Mario. Charles Martinet was responsible for voicing the character in Super Mari 64, and ever since, the legendary voice actor has been behind Mario and a number of other characters in the Mushroom Kingdom. While it’s hard to imagine anyone else doing the voice, Martinet is 66, and a question that has entered some fans’ minds is when he may decide to call it quits.

Martinet recently made an appearance at FanExpo Canada 2021, where he did a panel and Q+A session with fans. One of the questions he faced was whether or not he plans on handing the reins to someone else, but Martinet made clear he has no intent on doing that.

“Until I drop,” Martinet said when asked how long he’ll continue as Mario. “Ya know, I love these characters, but when I can’t do them well enough, I’ll be the first one to call up my friends inside Nintendo and say, ‘Ya know something? I didn’t sound right on that one. We need to find somebody.’ I love these characters, but I will know when I don’t sound right.”

Martinet’s love for the character can really be felt throughout the panel. As he’s answering the questions, he’ll frequently give a “woohoo!” just because he’s excited. It’s what has made his entire career. We hope he voices Mario as long as he wants, and hopefully, we’ll get at least a Martinet “woohoo!” in the upcoming movie.