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Noted Good Dude Keanu Reeves Continues His Good Dude Streak By Giving Out Rolexes To The ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ Stunt Team

The myth of Hollywood is one of eccentric weirdos with shady peccadilloes and untold skeletons lurking in the closet, but there’s one figure no one has anything bad to say about: Keanu Reeves. By all accounts he’s a stand-up dude — not only a consummate professional but also friendly, giving, righteous. When his sister was diagnosed with leukemia, he started a cancer foundation. He gives up subway seats. And now this: When John Wick: Chapter 4 wrapped, he gifted some of the crew with something real nice.

This comes from People, which reports that the beloved actor, during an end-of-shoot dinner with his personal four-man stunt team, he surprised them with Rolex Submariner watches. Inside each one was a personalized message. For instance, the watch given stuntman Jeremy Marinas read, The John Wick Five,” along with the message, “Jeremy Thank you Keanu JW4 2021.”

This isn’t the first time Reeves as lavished his stunt team with generosity. A stuntman on the series’ third outing, John Wick: Parabellum, revealed that he invited him out to California’s Laguna Seca racetrack, which he had rented out for two days, treating dozens of friends and colleagues to a fully catered getaway. Keanu Reeves: Good people.

(Via People)